Transaction fees...
Eat our dust!

Plenteum's primary objective is to replace transaction fees with a "DustFund", sustaining the long term viability of the blockchain by creating a sustainable mining reward fund.


What is plenteum?

Plenteum is a new Cryptocurrency with a primary objective of replacing enforced transaction fees with a "DustFund" to sustain the long-term viability of the blockchain.

The DustFund will then supply mining rewards, instead of fees when the coin enters its tail emission phase (when it’s nearing its total supply in circulation, and base rewards are lower).

This aims to solve two existing problems with current implementations.

  1. - Dust clogging up wallets and the blockchain
  2. - Fees being too expensive for users, or not enough for miner’s incentive to sustain the blockchain into the future.

Development Roadmap

What we're up to

We're continuously working on improving the core software, and adding value to the PLE community. We'd love to hear your feedback, so please email us your suggestions or comments!


Windows, linux or OSX

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